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Certified Anger Resolution Therapist Training

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Learn Clinically Proven, Effective Skills to help clients conquer rage addictions and express anger in safer, saner ways.

Become a valuable resource for courts, probation officers, attorneys, employers, corporate HR departments, and individuals and couples in crisis who are urgently seeking help with problem anger issues.

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Court-Mandated Anger Certificate and Court-Mandated Anger Counseling Class
(Court Required Training Certification)


Anger Buster Five Evening Training Class
(Private Workshops Only)

Anger Buster Two-Day
Training Program

(Private Workshops Only)

Anger Buster One-Day
Training Course

(Private Workshops Only)

Anger Buster Half-Day
Training Seminar

(Private Workshops Only)




Anger Management Certification

Very often, those suffering from chronic, out of control anger problems live in a state of denial; that is, they avoid facing their problem or accepting responsibility for the pain they cause others, at all costs. Finally someone – a spouse or family member, an employer, but most often a judge – will require them to get professional help for their problem. When that happens, the anger addict (this is how they are often described) must not only take an anger management class, but he must present evidence that he has successfully completed the course, generally in the form of an anger management certification diploma.

The Anger Management Training Institute is pleased to offer several anger management certification options. Our Anger Busting Two-Day Training Program is a live class limited to approximately 15 participants. This course is designed to meet the needs of those required by a spouse, an employer or the court to take an anger management class. Also, our 24-lesson online anger management training class – at $65 for the complete package -- offers remarkable value for those needing anger management certification. This class covers all the important material from the Anger Busting Workbook, plus, students have the advantage of taking the course on their own schedule, working in the privacy of their own home. Participants in both classes receive an anger management certification diploma to present to the court when they finish the class. Both classes are based on the principles found in the critically acclaimed Anger Busting Workbook, by James A. Baker.

In addition to anger management certification for anger addicts, the Anger Management Training Institute also offers anger management certification programs for those in the helping professions who work with angry clients. Both our Certified Anger Resolution Therapist class and our Online Certified Anger Resolution Therapist class provide training in the Anger Busting Program. Participants receive guidance in how to use the anger management resources found in the Anger Busting Workbook, as well as Mr. Baker’s new book, the Anger Busting Workbook Counseling and Training Guide. These courses have been certified by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors. Upon completion of either of these courses, participants will receive an anger management certification diploma indicating that they are now qualified as Certified Anger Resolution Therapists.

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The Anger Management Training Institute offers practical, common-sense, effective programs, classes, courses and seminars to help anger addicts break the cycle of rage.