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Anger Management Workbook

Anger Busting Workbook

Page 190

Strategic Phrase: “Sweetheart, I want you to know that if you will just do these things we have talked about today, it will make me really happy and proud to be your wife.”
Uses: ________________________________________________________________________

Now that you have found some practical uses for these phrases, use them! Begin by going back and reading each phrase out loud several times. Listen to your voice saying them. Get used to the idea of communicating with your partner in these terms. And do it often. You will both notice a big difference.

Don’ forget:

Recovery from addictions is a process, not an event. People don’t change overnight not your husband and not you either. It is going to take time and hard work from both of you for your marriage to reach a new, better, safer level. This workbook provides a good road map, and you have already done some good work. But you still might need the help of a capable therapist to refine your insights and help you make hard decisions. Anger addicts can get better. Wives can learn how to make healthier choices. Marriages can be saved. Work your plan and give it time to work. And giving it a little prayer couldn’t hurt either. You aren’t in charge of results. You are only in charge of doing your best. If you do that, you will be a success, no matter what happens next.

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