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Our powerful online anger management courses
cover everything most live classroom anger
management courses and anger management
seminars cover, plus they add a lot more!

16 Hour Lesson Anger Management Class Content:



Hour 1

Confronting Your Anger

Hour 2

Verbal Abuse is Still Abuse

Hour 3

Effects of Anger

Hour 4

Role of Drugs and Alcohol in Anger Behavior

Hour 5

Anger and Addictions 

Hour 6

Stop Your Angry Behaviors

Hour 7

Part 1   -  Understanding Anger

Part 2   -  The Relationship Between Anger and Loss

Hour 8

Part 1  -  Anger Warning Signs

Part 2  -  How Thought Patterns Become Anger Triggers

Hour 9

Part 1  -  Exposing Irrational Thought Patterns

Part 2  -  Mental States That Create Irrational Anger

Hour 10

Life Positions

Hour 11

Techniques for Cooling the Anger Response

Hour 12

Establishing Healthy Belief Systems

Hour 13

Practicing Assertiveness

Hour 14

Setting Safe Boundaries

Hour 15

Part 1   -  Effective Communication Skills

Part 2   -  Communication Skills for Healing Relationships

Hour 16


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Sample Certificate of Completion

8-hour course sample certificate