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Course written, edited and produced by a team with many years of experience helping angry people learn to live safer, saner lives.

Our powerful online anger management courses
cover everything most live classroom anger
management courses and anger management
seminars cover, plus they add a lot more!

24 Hour - 24 Lesson Anger Management Class Content:



Hour 1

The Impact of Uncontrolled Anger

Hour 2

Anger as an Addiction

Hour 3

What IS Anger?

Hour 4

Anger Styles and the Grief Process

Hour 5

Assessing Your Anger Risk

Hour 6

Identifying Your Anger Triggers

Hour 7

Irrational Responses to Anger

Hour 8

States of Mind Create Anger Problems

Hour 9

Quick Anger Management Tips

Hour 10

Practicing Assertiveness

Hour 11

Setting Good Boundaries

Hour 12

Practicing Safe Communication

Hour 13

Confronting Denial

Hour 14

You Can Change NOW

Hour 15

Are You Addicted to Rage?

Hour 16

STOP These Behaviors NOW

Hour 17

Identify Your Anger Pattern

Hour 18

Reprogram Your Anger Pattern

Hour 19

A Check Up from the Neck Up

Hour 20

Let Go and Get Well

Hour 21

Safer, Saner Responses to Conflict

Hour 22

Put a Sock In It

Hour 23

Deep Doghouse Communication Skills

Hour 24

Which One Will You Feed?


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Sample Certificate of Completion

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