3 Reasons Why Anger Management is For Anyone

3 Reasons Why Anger Management is For Anyone

As a counselor and consultant specializing in anger and conflict, I often get asked the question: "Don't you have to be mandated by the courts or some other authority to take court ordered anger management or counseling?" And whenever I am asked that question I always say, "Of course not! Anyone can benefit!" Anger management is a life skill to be learned, not just a class to take.

Though there are many, I've chosen three reasons why anger management is for anybody, not just court ordered anger management for some people.

Prevention: Let's be honest...we all know someone (or that "someone" might be you) who may be on the verge of getting fired, arrested, divorced or worse because of their misuse of anger. Getting some assistance through a court ordered anger management class may negate negative consequences. Unfortunately, many people don't or won't get help before it's too late. So the moral here is - get it, BEFORE it gets you!
Stress Reduction: I think one of the major benefits of anger control is reduction of stress.

We know all too well the many stress related diseases such as high blood pressure, digestive problems, depression, migraine headaches, cardiac ailments and the list goes on. The key thing to understand here is that when we allow anger, rage, or bitterness to go unchecked we open the door for health problems and perhaps a court ordered anger management class.

Anger management and stress management tend to go hand in hand. Anger can cause stress if it not handled effectively. Instead of taking medication to reduce your anger related stress, think about joining a court ordered anger management course or reading a book on the subject. It could help more than you realize.

Improved Relationships: Learning more about our anger and how to deal with triggers and the like, helps us to develop closer relationships with our families, friends, bosses, co-workers, and even those we don't know. A court ordered anger management class or conflict management class is about you learning about yourself and how you deal with negative emotions and situations.

Once you have gained a better understanding of yourself and begin to use the skills in your daily life, you will see your relationships grow and change as well. I cannot tell you the countless number of stories I've heard from individuals after learning improved court ordered anger management skills from my classes.

I once had a client, after completing court ordered anger management, got promoted on his job because his style of handling conflict had improved dramatically. If anger, resentment, rage, or bitterness are prevalent in your relationships, then taking the time to improve your anger management skills would prove beneficial.

So, the issue we need to understand is that court ordered anger management is a life skill that we use whether we know it or not. Don't put yourself in a situation that will mandate the anger management for you. If you feel as though your anger, fury, animosity or pent up frustrations are getting the best of you and your relationships, I urge you to get a court ordered anger management class BEFORE it gets you!


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