Anger Management Therapy

Anger Management Therapy

The essence of court ordered anger management is to calm and isolate the real issue, and to learn more productive ways to deal with the issue. Anger is often a secondary reply to hurt, disappointment, loss, embarrassment, distress, or emotional pain. Perhaps the person was never appropriately instructed in self-control in their youth, control was taken from them by incidents in their environment for an extended period, or an overwhelming life event contributed to their inability to appropriately respond to feelings.

Dealing with court ordered anger management does not mean that the person will not get angry again; although in the long term, that restraint might indeed be a desired outcome. The therapy actually helps a person isolate the problem or issue that is causing the acrimony and thereby giving a person a starting place to begin to deal with the particular issue.

A person who engages in court ordered anger management therapy will learn how to appropriately respond to their temper rather than reacting to it. Instead of lashing out at people (usually reserved for those who are physically or emotional near), a person will learn coping skills that take these people out of the line of fire.

Anger is such an isolating condition. No one wants to be the brunt of someone's tirade. Court ordered anger management may be essential to civility. Often times angry episodes include violent actions, verbal abuse, and intimidation causing fear.

In court ordered anger management therapy the triggers of these explosive events can be uncovered. There is definitely a history that precedes this behavior. Sometimes exposing the history is enough to get to the root of the problem. However, as human beings, people do not like to open themselves up to potential judgment by others.

Therefore, the discovery process may be difficult. Diligence and persistence may eventually compel a person to open up. Effective court ordered anger management therapy will use subtle and transparent techniques to get the person talking. "Beating the person over the head, (figuratively, of course) has no merit and will produce minimal results; if any at all.

The key is to replace aggression with court ordered anger management. This is not an easy sell to an aggressive person. The person needs to discover that a situation dealt with effectively can produce a positive outcome. As a matter of fact, it could be win-win.

The main skill a person will need to learn in court ordered anger management therapy is communication. In the therapy, the idea of taking a person's thoughts into captivity and not acting out on them is fundamental. Often people, who have self-control issues, are attempting to control the behavior of someone else. This never works, of course. In the short term, or for a limited period of time, a person will allow a person to call the shots. But, this gets old after a while because power breeds more power.

Because of the escalating nature of both power and passion, victims in these situations must either leave or the person must diligently seek to recover their court ordered anger management therapy.

Some pathological expressions of indignation come out in ways other than outbursts. When a person is constantly putting others down, making cynical comments, and critical of everything and everybody, there is usually a root in anger. People with these behaviors rarely recognize them as anger. They choose to deal with people passive-aggressively. Unfortunately, forging meaningful relationships is not usually possible. Therefore, they are generally unhappy people with few, if any, friends. And even when they do successfully develop court ordered anger management, it often degrades in a short period.

Anger management therapy, in a group setting, can be very beneficial for anyone with these types of issues; however for the person who is passive-aggressive, it is of particularly tremendous value. The idea is to engage in cognitive restructuring. What this means is altering the way a person thinks.



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