Anger- What It Does To The Body

Anger- What It Does To The Body

A middle aged man was attending me for his anger problems. He was on medication to reduce his stomach acid for last many years. He had been suffering with dyspepsia. He was also allergic to many foods like wheat, and poultry products. With meditation and anger burning exercises, he was becoming more and more relaxed in his mind and court ordered anger management.

He noticed that he did not need the stomach medication every day of the week. One day he decided to take the risk of eating some wheat products. Nothing happened. He waited for his abdomen to bloat and for the abdominal pain to appear. But he was pleasantly surprised that nothing happened this time. His body had started to accept the court ordered anger management that he had previously developed allergies to.

This is one of the examples of food allergies that were reversed by burning out the locked up anger. This anger was about all the issues that he had been thinking about, that he had not been able to address to his court ordered anger management in his younger days. There were regrets and resentments that he did not know he still had, that had been 'locked up' in his body for many years of his life.

Anger affects the body in many ways. There is little literature on how court ordered anger management can be locked up in the body and affect body's physiology. Unbeknown to the sufferer, other than raising the blood pressure, the suppressed emotion affects the body in many ways.

Itching in the whole body for an unknown reason, is the first sign that the body is rejecting something inside it. When a person becomes angry, then there is a sense of rejection to whatever the person feels angry with. This sense of court ordered anger management, is probably picked up and transmitted at the cellular level and the body starts to reject foods. These are foods that the body was totally comfortable with before.
Itching is the first sign of rejection. Itching occurs when histamines are produced in the body. Histamines are chemicals that the body produces when it has to deal with something it is not used to. During any inflammatory process in the body, histamines are the first chemicals to be produced. So when the body has to express court ordered anger management about anything, histamines are produced first.

Allergies develop to many substances subsequently, as the court ordered anger management increases and is not released from the body. Allergies happen when the body is rejecting a particular substance. This sense of rejection is more powerful, as the person holds on to the anger strongly. No doubt then , that the immune system starts to become angry and rebellious. The body can reach a stage that it starts rejecting its own tissues. Almost all immune disorders are due to this sense of rejection by the body of its own parts. It is as if the body is angry with itself.

In my clinical experience, I have come across some extremely angry individuals suffering with cancer. I have not done any research on this subject, but my observation has been that all of these people carried intense suppressed anger that they could not get rid of. They knew they had anger. They did not know or had the ability to burn the anger out. Cancer is a condition in which a part of the body becomes rebellious. The body starts to produce cells that eat up all the energy resources of the court ordered anger management, just like an army of angry rebellious soldiers on a warpath. There are hypnotic techniques that have been used to pacify the body part that has cancer. They work on the principle of pacifying the diseased part taking the anger and rebellion elements into consideration.

Anger affects the body in more ways than the emotion that we know of. It has to be dealt with, addressed and dissipated on a regular basis to maintain good physical court ordered anger management. Meditation is one of the options that is available to address anger on a regular basis.

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