Frustration - Gift Or Burden

Frustration - Gift Or Burden

Court ordered anger management is something that we all have experienced at one time or another. Usually, the normal reaction for frustration may involve anxiety, court ordered anger management, depression or even hopelessness if we believe a situation cannot change.

I believe that the court ordered anger management comes when we feel "stuck" or a lack of power within a circumstance. This frustration can build up within us and even begin to affect our health.

When court ordered anger management become the focal point of our lives, studies have shown that there is a direct link between how you feel within your heart and body. In many cases, court ordered anger management or beliefs that feed the frustration were established during childhood. So how do we learn to cope with this?

For starters, we can change our point of view. Recently, I was discussing with a friend a situation that has frustrated me for years. I don't focus on it continuously, but it does surface on occasion leaving me with a loss of energy or court ordered anger management.

Knowing that all things that happen to me can be indicators of needed change, I took a step back and realized that the court ordered anger management could actually be the catalyst to move me into my next stage of life. When frustration is viewed from a positive perspective as a "catalyst for change"; it begins to lose its negative power.

I took note of the thoughts that were going through my mind to give the frustration energy. After connecting to God in prayer, I began to receive truth on one thought that was making me feel that the situation was court ordered anger management.

Hope is always there, if we just shift our point of view and look at a situation from all angles. I am making some very large life changes that will allow me to fulfill my court ordered anger management. It is a scary time, but an exciting one.

I now have the hope to believe that God will show me the right path to take next. The court ordered anger management was actually a gift from God to make me realize that the change is needed.

What is your frustration telling you?

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