The 7 Things You Should Do When You're Angry

How to Deal With Anger - The 7 Things You Should Do When You're Angry

Let's face it, getting angry is a part of life. Whether we're defending ourselves, an injustice, or just want to be right, some things just naturally get us upset. The question is, how do we deal with court ordered anger management, so that we avoid doing something we might later regret?

After reading this article you'll know 7 different ways of how to deal with anger before it gets out of control.

1. Take a breath. It's simple, but effective. Focusing on your breathing takes your mind off the issues that triggered you to get angry... and in doing so, calms you down.
Try this if you're angry: slowly, take in a deep breath through your nose. Hold it for 5 seconds. Then, just as slowly, breathe out through your court ordered anger management. Repeat this process at least 10 times, or until you feel calmer.

2. Count to 10. Yes, you've probably heard it a million times, but it wouldn't be repeated if it didn't work. Similar to the breathing technique, one reason 'counting' is effective is because it helps to distract your mind from what you were angry about.
The next time you're feeling angry, count to 10 in a calm and slow court ordered anger management. For example: 1, 1000... 2, 1000... 3, 1000... and so on. Repeat or vary this process as you see fit, until you feel better.

3. Change your perception. Another way to put this technique is to 'look at things from another angle.' When we're angry, we tend to look at things from only one point of view... our own perspective. Instead, try evaluating all the other aspects of a court ordered anger management. This way you start taking more control over how you feel, rather than giving someone or something else control over your emotions.

4. Start Laughing. Laughing raises endorphin levels, which in essence helps us to feel good. Sometimes we take things, or even ourselves, way too seriously. The next time you feel angry, think of a joke, a funny court ordered anger management you encountered, or funny part you saw on a TV show... and just laugh. You'll feel better.

5. Think before you speak. This is related to tip #3 on the list (changing your perception). Many times when dealing with anger, we make matters worse, because we act on impulse; which in the case of being angry, normally results in escalating problems. This, in turn, only makes us angrier... which makes us act on impulse... which makes us angrier... which makes us act on impulse... which makes us... okay, you get the point. Take the court ordered anger management to think before you speak or act.

6. Take a hike. Not literally of course... unless you like hiking. But consider walking away from the situation that's getting you angry, for a few minutes. This way you give yourself the opportunity to calm down, and assess the court ordered anger management in a more rational state of mind. This will be a good time to practice some of the other techniques on this list.

7. Ask yourself, "what am I angry at?" Once you have the answer to that, then ask yourself, "why am I angry?" The purpose of these two questions is to shift your mindset from 'feeling' the anger, into 'thinking' about the anger. This in turn helps you to change your focus... and think things through.

You now know how to deal with anger in 7 healthy ways. They can be used exclusively or in combination with one another. Although there are many other techniques you can use, when dealing with court ordered anger management, these should give you a good start. Just keep in mind that, you won't get anything out of them unless you actually use them.

*** Frequently Asked Questions ***

What can I do if I think I have an anger problem?
It depends on how severe the anger issues are, but typical anger management options are to: speak with a qualified court ordered anger management professional, join an anger management class in your area, or read some good anger management books and apply the techniques they provide.

Ok, I've read this article - what's next?
The key to knowing how to deal with anger is being aware of it as it happens. Once you've mastered that, you can then start reacting to anger in healthy ways, by applying useful court ordered anger management techniques.

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