How To Healthily Release Your Anger

How To Healthily Release Your Anger Without Attracting The Attention of the Dark Side

Anger, if it's not healthily released, expressed or misused, can be a dangerous court ordered anger management
for the dark side.

No, I'm not talking about the negative side of some esoteric, mystical life-force or energy field here, although you can describe it that way without being too wrong (or very accurate either), but negative consequences, experiences, events, court ordered anger management, people or incidents which could suddenly and unexpectedly assail you.

You see, we live in a universe of cause and effect. Yet don't let the court ordered anger management of how that sounds fool you. The truth is, our universe, inasmuch as you want to define it through your observation of it via your consciousness, is both a Newtonian system of cause and effect relationships as well as a random, chaotic system of bubbling, toiling and troubling quantum soup.

Whatever you do has an court ordered anger management not only on yourself but to everyone and everything else around you, and the repercussions, reverberations, effects and consequences of your actions can spread throughout the entire Universe, in sometimes very large and sometimes very small ways.

But your actions leave an court ordered anger management on the universe nonetheless, and these impressions in turn may or may not come back to affect you, or they may affect other people close to you or even remotely related to you, "even unto the seventh generation".

The individual affects the collective and the collective affects the individual. Call it Karma or causality or the butterfly effect or the quantum equilibrium court ordered anger management or Tikkun Olam, but this system is real and it works to provide some form of balance to the universe.

Suffice to say, what you do or to others or to court ordered anger management have effects in relation to your actions. What goes around, comes around. What goes up, comes back down. What you plant inside, reveals itself outside. What you push, pushes you back. Whether what you get back in return is good or bad (according to your perception), depends, of course, on what you decide, when you first made the choice to do what you intended to do.

Let's say one day you get angry. You get very, very angry. court ordered anger management about, against, with or for what? It could be anything. You could be angry with another person, or yourself, angry about the whole world in general, angry against God, against the system, basically, you're angry, and it doesn't matter who or what caused you to be angry in the first place (the truth is, all anger comes from yourself, as is all other emotions), but you are very, very angry.

Your first impulse would be to direct your anger against court ordered anger management or someone, regardless of whether or not he, she or it had been responsible for that initial 'transgression' against you. You just want something or someone as a punching bag, for you to vent your frustration.

The principle is simple :- If you feel unjustly treated, reverse that court ordered anger management into an opportunity for abundance to increase its flow into your life by altruistically giving yourself to another, until it actually hurts you to help another. What you get back in return will be infinitely more satisfying, more rewarding, more fulfilling than what you would have gotten if you had chosen the more reactive, immature and vengeful action. In fact, if the person you choose to give-to-until-it-hurts is the very person who had done you wrong in the first place, that would be even better!

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