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Friday October 24, 2014
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Anger Management Institute courses provide a set of tools and strategies to control anger.

Anger can have consequences. Our Anger Management Online Course is court-certified in every state!

Learn practical, effective programs to help anger addicts break the cycle of rage with our Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
Online Training!

Learn how to design a program that will begin producing results immediately.

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The Online Anger Management Class Training Institute Course

Welcome to, the homepage of the Anger Management Training Institute! We offer a variety of Court Certified Anger Management Classes which include our Anger Programs and Online Courses, Seminars, and our award winning Online Class to help people just like you overcome Anger Problems through the simple but effective Anger Management Techniques which are practiced and learned in James A. Baker 's Best Selling Book "The Anger Busting Workbook" by Bayou Publishing. Our fast and effective Anger Courses, Classes, Workshops, and Anger Management Seminars have helped over 60,000 individuals just like you resolve their anger management therapy issues and regain complete control of their lives. Get fast Anger Management Help.

Online Anger Management Programs

One Price $65.00

8 hour course
8 hour course
8 hour course

Anger Management Class

 Immediate Court Ordered Seminar Certificate

Registration Fee Includes:

*Nationally recognized by State & Local Family Courts & Probation Departments

*No Other Fees or Charges - NONE!

*Free Nationally Recognized Certificate of Completion

*Free Best Selling 216 Page Book by noted author James A. Baker (not required to take or finish the online anger class)

*Course written, edited and produced by an experienced Lawyer with extensive Family Court experience & knowledge.

Our powerful online anger management courses cover everything most live classroom anger management courses and anger management seminars cover, plus they add a lot more!

You receive:

  1. Open access to the self-scoring Online Anger Management Classes of your choice.
  2. Immediate access to your certified court ordered anger management class certificate upon completion.
  3. Free Copy of the best selling Anger Management Training Book "The Anger Busting™ Workbook" - 216 pages by noted author James A. (Jim) Baker. The best selling book is NOT necessary to take or complete the anger management class.

Open access study from the comfort of your own home!

What would you do if a judge or your spouse or your boss were to tell you to get into an anger management program and change NOW? One thing is for sure; you couldn't afford to waste time driving to meetings once or twice a week to listen to a group of whiners complain about how people don't really understand them. You have a lot at stake here, and you need to get help, get better, and get on with your life NOW. That is what is so great about our Anger Busting™ Online Anger Management Class - you can start immediately! Everything you need to help you begin to CHANGE NOW is right at your fingertips. You can do the lessons from your computer in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Court Ordered Anger Management Certificate!

All of our Online Anger Management Classes include instant access to your court approved certificate upon completion!

After each anger management training lesson there is a brief quiz. To pass and move on to the next anger management program lesson, you must get a score of at least 80%. You may try as many times as you like. At the end of the anger management class, there is a test. Once you pass, you will instantly receive a certificate of completion you can print right at your computer and present to the court! Click on the image to the left to enlarge:

Free copy of our best-selling anger management training book,
"The Anger Busting™ Workbook"!

The core of our anger management class is based on the award winning Anger Bustin™ Workbook. James A. (Jim) Baker's acclaimed manual delivers life-changing help for those struggling with out of control anger. Named a Foreword Magazine finalist for Book of the Year!

The Anger Busting Training Workbook

Our life-changing manual is available for purchase here.

BUT, if you are a victim of an abusive spouse or are the abuser, you may read an online copy here for immediate help.

The book was developed with the express purpose of providing anger management class clients with simple yet effective solutions for controlling anger fast. And it WORKS! The anger management course covers important Anger Busting™ anger control principles like:

  • How to get fast and permanent control of your personal anger management program and stay in control
  • Stopping the anger addiction cycle through anger management therapy
  • Consequences of poor Anger Management on Relationships, Employment and Health
  • Relationship of Anger to Addictive Behaviors
  • Understanding the Nature of Anger Management Therapy and Recognizing your Anger Management Problem Styles
  • Your Anger Triggers
  • The Relationship Between Anger Situations, Anger Belief Systems and Emotions
  • Replacing Irrational Thoughts With Rational Ones
  • Techniques for Cooling Off Poor Anger Responses
  • Practicing Assertiveness to Express Healthy Anger
  • The Importance of Setting Good Boundaries for proper anger management control
  • Helpful tools to improve communication and anger management responsiveness
  • Confronting anger denial, exposing scapegoating and accepting personal accountability
  • Understanding the fight or flight syndrome and how your anger has gotten out of control
  • Sixteen anger management behaviors that you must immediately stop doing for any reason.
  • Twenty positive belief system concepts to get complete control of your anger management therapy needs
  • Anger Management Communication skills to use when you are in either the Deep Doghouse or the Shallow Doghouse

This practical and powerful online anger management class and anger management course not only fulfills the court ordered anger management counseling requirement, it also REALLY WORKS! Everyday we hear from clients across the continent telling us that taking this unique, straightforward anger management course has changed their lives. Not only do they tell us they have been able change the way they deal with anger, they say it has also made a big difference in their relationships with their spouses, friends and coworkers.

National Anger Management Class Certifications

The Anger Management Training Institute LLC's award winning intervention model springs from the bestselling "Anger Busting Workbook" and is used almost exclusively and accepted in courts, probation departments, hospitals, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities, major corporations, governmental agencies and private practices throughout the United States & Canada. 14 preferred provider CEU Certifications following:

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Provider Number 1442

Texas Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists Provider # 477

Texas State Board of Social Workers Examiners Provider # 5665

California Foundation for Advancement of Addiction Professionals (CFAAP) (CAADAC) Provider # OS-10-140-0414

California Board of Behavioral Sciences Provider # PCE 4758

California Board of Registered Nursing Provider # CEP 15554

NAADAC: The National Association for Addiction Professionals, Provider #548

National Association of Social Workers, Provider #886541990 - 34 CEU's

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling BAP #1080

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work Provider # BAP #1080

Florida Marriage and Family Therapy Provider # BAP #1080

Florida Mental Health Counseling Provider # BAP #1080

American Academy of Health Care Providers in Addictive Disorders Provider #12-1410

Illinois Alcohol & Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc Program # 10587

Anger Busting™ Certified Anger Resolution Therapist Online Training

Become a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and provide your clients with powerful, life changing support through the use of James A. Baker's acclaimed Anger Busting™ Program. In this online anger management course, you will:

  • Learn Clinically Proven, Effective Skills to help clients conquer rage addictions and express anger in safer, saner ways.
  • Become a valuable resource for courts, probation officers, attorneys, employers, corporate HR departments, and individuals and couples in crisis who are urgently seeking help with problem anger issues.

The Anger Management Training Institute offers practical, common-sense, effective anger management programs to help anger addicts break the cycle of rage. Rather than focusing on psychotherapeutic processes that can sometimes involve months or years of counseling, our clinically tested Anger Buster techniques provide clients with the skills and insights they need to begin changing their angry behavior patterns during the very first session.

The Anger Management Training Institute LLC offers a variety of anger management courses to assist those with anger management therapy issues in confronting and controlling their anger. In each of these anger management courses, participants will be:

  • Guided in assessing their relationship to anger
  • Provided with a set of tools and strategies to control their anger
  • Assisted in designing a recovery program that will begin producing results immediately

Anger addicts don't have to lose another relationship or another job because of rage. The Anger Management Training Institute's proven techniques offer rageaholics a pathway leading to a safer, saner life for themselves and the ones they love.

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"Dear Online Anger Management Seminars Staff,

Once I get back on my feet, I am contemplating getting certified online by your company so I can help others. Two of the huge take aways I got from the Online Anger Management Course were that most of the time anger is a secondary emotion rooted in fear and that life long anger in people was usually due to people never getting out of grief cycles.

Being newly armed with this knowledge makes it easy for me to spot so many people living in anger and not knowing why. I feel for them! If they would only take your Online Anger Management Course. It has been an important part of my spiritual re-birth; I feel like I have been let free from an emotional prison (being held prisoner by anger cycles).

Amazing stuff! I have to feel that God has blessed you and your company with the kwowledge that is the fruit of Him sending the Holy Spirit to you for guidance on the anger management course material and content.

I have asked Him to bless you and all of your company's endeavors for bringing this healing and life saving information to those in need!"

David A.
La Mesa, California


New Certified Anger Resolution Therapists

Anger Management Classes & Anger Management Programs

All of our anger management programs and court ordered anger management classes are offered at all 14 of our US offices and our 3 Canadian offices as well.

Anger is a normal, natural human emotion. In our modern, high-stress environment, opportunities for anger abound, and few of us are immune to occasional angry outbursts. In fact, we all could probably benefit from anger management class training, since everyone experiences anger at some time.

However, for some people, anger is a constant companion that defines their personality and intimidates - even terrifies - their loved ones, friends and co-workers. For such people - known as anger addicts or rageaholics - anger has become a disruptive, destructive tool for controlling everything and everyone around them.

Rageaholics tell themselves that their anger is a justifiable, necessary response to the people and events around them that are somehow threatening their sense of self and security. They generally refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem with anger, choosing instead to blame another person or an intolerable circumstance for causing their insensitive, irresponsible and hurtful tirades.

For these people, anger management training is critical. Rageaholics need to learn how to stop their destructive behaviors before it is too late.

Some articles on anger management resources, techniques, and procedure:

Online Anger Management Classes Information & Anger Management Therapy & Anger Management Help

Helpful Telephone Numbers
Anger Management Techniques & Anger Management Therapy
is a major part of all of the programs that each of the following
organizations will help you to deal with.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
800-331-2900 (hotline for alcohol abuse)
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Problem Gamblers Help-Line
Sex/Love Addicts Anon. (SA)
Overeaters Anonymous (OA)
Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
Debtors Anonymous (DA)
Shoplifters Anonymous
Families Anonymous

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