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Though it is certainly true that all of us get angry at times, some people seem to struggle with intense, inappropriate expressions of anger almost constantly. Those with this more extreme type of problem are sometimes referred to as anger addicts, because of the pattern they exhibit in the expression of their anger. Therefore, just like any addiction, this type of anger is often dealt with most effectively through an anger management group.

The Anger Management Training Institute provides several anger management group programs. Our Anger Busting Two-Day Training Program is a live class limited to approximately 15 participants. Based on the principles contained in the acclaimed Anger Busting Workbook by James A. Baker, this course makes use of a variety of interactive exercises and personal coaching to help anger addicts find an anger management strategy that works for them. The Anger Busting Two-Day Training Program is designed to meet the needs of those who may have been required by a spouse, an employer or the court to take an anger management class. Participants will receive an anger management certification diploma they can present to the court when they finish the course.

The Anger Management Training Institute has also developed two programs aimed at helping professionals who work with anger addicts. Both our live Certified Anger Resolution Therapist class and our Online Certified Anger Resolution Therapist class provide training in the Anger Busting Program. Participants receive guidance in how to use the Anger Busting Workbook, as well as Mr. Baker’s new book, the Anger Busting Workbook Counseling and Training Guide. These courses have been certified by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, and they provide excellent training and support for any one working with an anger management group.

Two other opportunities of interest to those seeking answers for anger addiction are our 24-lesson online anger management training class, and our Anger Busting Audio Series. Our 24-lesson online anger management training class offers remarkable value for those needing an anger management class. This class covers all the important material from the Anger Busting Workbook, plus, students have the advantage of taking the course on their own schedule, working in the privacy of their own home. The Anger Busting Audio Series allows you to continue learning the principles of the Anger Busting program as you listen to these professionally produced CD programs at home or on the go in your car.

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Welcome to the Anger Management Training Institute! We offer a variety of Court Certified Anger Management Classes which include our Anger Programs and Online Courses, Seminars, and our award winning Online Class to help people just like you overcome Anger Problems through the simple but effective Anger Management Techniques which are practiced and learned in James A. Baker’s Best Selling Book “The Anger Busting Workbook” by Bayou Publishing. Our fast and effective Anger Courses, Classes, Workshops, and Anger Management Seminars have helped over 60,000 individuals just like you resolve their anger management therapy issues and regain complete control of their lives. Get fast Anger Management Help.

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