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When the judge or your spouse or your boss says you need to get into an anger management program and change now, the last thing you want to do is spend the next 2 months going to anger management meetings once a week and listen to some guy lecture you on how to straighten out your head. With your marriage or your job on the line - not to mention a possible trip to jail - you want to get started immediately, so you can fix what needs to be fixed and get on with your life.

That is the beauty of our Online Anger Management Class & Online Anger Management Courses - you can get started today!

One Price $65.00

8 hour course
8 hour course
8 hour course

Anger Management Class

 Immediate Court Ordered Seminar Certificate

Registration Fee Includes:

*Nationally recognized by State & Local Family Courts & Probation Departments

*No Other Fees or Charges - NONE!

*Free Nationally Recognized Certificate of Completion

*Free Best Selling 216 Page Book by noted author James A. Baker (not required to take or finish the online anger class)

*Course written, edited and produced by an experienced Lawyer with extensive Family Court experience & knowledge.

Our powerful online anger management courses cover everything most live classroom anger management courses and anger management seminars cover, plus they add a lot more!

You receive:

  1. Open access to the self-scoring Online Anger Management Classes of your choice.
  2. Immediate access to your certified court ordered anger management class certificate upon completion.
  3. Free Copy of the best selling Anger Management Training Book "The Anger Busting™ Workbook" - 216 pages by noted author James A. (Jim) Baker. The best selling book is NOT necessary to take or complete the anger management class.

For one low price, you will have three (3) months access to your Online Course so that can move at your own pace without being held back by a class-full of people you don't have a thing in common with except the need to get your Anger Certificate and to get your anger problems under control. With our online anger courses, you can cut through the red tape and get right down to business. The sooner you start and the harder you work, the quicker you will begin to make progress and get your life back.

Those who have already completed this practical and powerful online course tell us it not only fulfills their court-mandated anger management requirement, it also REALLY WORKS! They have been able to improve the way they deal with anger, and it has made a big difference in their relationships with their spouses, friends and coworkers. It is also fast and easy to do!

Our Online Anger Busting Anger Management Course is the most thorough and comprehensive programs of its kind. Everything you need to help you begin to CHANGE NOW is included. You can do the lessons from your computer in the comfort and privacy of your own home, accessing the online course material one lesson at a time using passwords we provide for you after you have paid for the and registered for the Online Class. All you have to supply is the courage and discipline to do the lessons, and then faithfully practice what you learn. When you have completed all 24 lessons and quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion you can present to the court which has been signed by the bestselling author of the Anger Busting Workbook, James A. Baker.

Click here for information on how to register for the Online Anger Busting Anger™ Management Course using a major credit card. The fee is only $65 and signing up is easy so you can get started today! You also receive a free copy of James A. Baker's Best Selling Book "The Anger Busting Workbook" which you will receive within three to four business days after signing up. You do not need the workbook to take the online class or to receive the Online Anger Management Certificate of Completion.

Please Note:

In order to maintain our affordable pricing:

  • Live support is NOT included with the online courses.
  • Live support is available at an additional cost but you probably won't need any.
  • Save time & money by referring to our FAQ for course assistance.

Good luck as you begin your Online Anger Managment road to recovery.


James A. (Jim) Baker

Anger Management Training Programs in Iowa

The Anger Management Training Institute LLC. Announces Court Certified Courses, Seminars, and Online Class

Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City, Monticello and Davenport

Meet All Court Requirements
While Learning How To Control Your Anger
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Our Online Anger Busters Course will meet all requirements for most Court Mandated Anger Counseling Workshops! Our 24 Lesson Anger Class is comprehensive but simple to understand and use. It was designed by the best selling author of "The Anger Busting Workbook" (Bayou Publishing November 2005) James A. Baker. This (24 Lesson Program) Twelve (12 hours of classroom credit) is only $65.00. The Online Anger Busters Course addresses the information that everyone needs to know in order to develop a healthier, more constructive approach to dealing with anger. (Court Required Training Certification) Certificate is emailed once participant has successfully completed all lessons. It is an automated system. So whether you are living in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City or anywhere in Iowa, the Online Anger Management Class is accessible to you. Participant will download the certificate and then direct it their own printer. For more details:
100% Guaranteed! NAADAC Approved Education Provider
Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City, Monticello and Davenport

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Anger Management Training Programs are Available Online, at Your Location or In Our Open Enrollment Seminars, Workshops, and Courses

Our Anger Management Seminars and Workshops are available throughout Iowa, including Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City, and Davenport. Our anger management workshops, seminars, and courses are court certified and participants may receive CEU credits from The National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors as well as from many other associations, organizations, and institutions.

Court Mandated Anger Counseling Classes -- Two-day Anger Management Training Class -- Five-evening Anger Management Anger Training Class -- Certified Anger Resolution Therapist Training Classes are available in a standard format that we can offer your employees in house or we can customize complete training programs for your company or organization. We do not charge for minor customization.

Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled for both groups at your offices or through our open enrollment seminars.

The Anger Management Training Institute is also pleased to offer Online Anger Management Training Courses that will satisfy anger counseling requirements for any court in both the United States and Canada. We also offer an excellent online Certified Anger Resolution Therapist training class that is nationally recognized and certified by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors. For more information about these powerful online courses, go to

For free information on how we can help with your anger management training needs (no obligation) please fill in the following form and one of our trainers will be in touch within one business day.

Anger Busters Anger Management Programs

If you or someone you love is struggling with chronic outbursts of uncontrolled anger, you know the pain and destruction these events can cause. Maybe you have tried counseling, read books, listened to tapes – even investigated special medications, but the anger still erupts in ways and at times that creates havoc on the job or in your personal life. Maybe you are just ready to give up. Please don’t – there is hope.

Our Anger Busters Anger Management Classes are uniquely targeted to assist people with chronic anger problems by providing them with the tools and skills they need to change NOW! Most other anger management counseling programs treat anger as if it were simply a symptom of some other problem – and sometimes it is. However, the time and expense it requires to deal with anger issues in traditional therapy programs make this approach unfeasible. You need help, and you need it right now.

The Anger Busters Anger Management Course is based on the premise that many with chronic anger problems have become addicted to anger the way an alcoholic is addicted to beer or spirits. We refer to those with this condition as “rageaholics.” Our Anger Busters anger management techniques – based on the nationally acclaimed Anger Busters Workbook by James A. Baker – function much like the principles of a 12-step program used to successfully treat many types of addictive behaviors. Countless numbers of individuals and families around the country have benefited from this material to achieve meaningful, lasting success in healing chronic anger. With this kind of help so readily available, there is no need to suffer for another day.

State Certification Boards

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During the Anger Busters Anger Management Training Program participants will learn:

  • Consequences of Anger on Relationships, Employment and Health .
  • The Relationship of Anger to Addictive Behaviors .
  • To Understand the Nature of Anger and Recognizing Anger Styles .
  • Anger Triggers and the Relationship Between Situations, Belief Systems and Emotions .
  • Replacing Irrational Thoughts With Rational Ones .
  • Practicing Assertiveness to Express Healthy Anger .
  • Understanding the fight or flight syndrome and the anger pressure cooker, the anger addiction cycle, and an anger evaluation tool.
  • 16 angry behaviors that addicts should immediately stop engaging in for any reason.
  • 20 positive belief system concepts, paying special attention to issues pertaining to forgiveness and balanced living.
  • How to develop better communication skills to minimize the damage of anger events and how to avoid them altogether .

Please contact us today for more information about how we can help you conquer anger forever.

Seminar: Anger Busters Two-Day Class

“This class was truly a life-changing experience for me. Not only does it make sense, it actually works.”
Carlos Reman – Brooklyn , NY

“Why didn’t someone tell me these things before? Maybe I could have saved my first marriage.”
Sylvester Clifford – St. Louis , MO

“At first, the class was hard for me because I kind of resented being there. But by the end, I saw so clear what my problem was and what I needed to do about it. Thank you, Mr. Baker.”
Gloria Hubbord – Phoenix , AZ

Iowa: Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Monticello

Des Moines

Des Moines is renowned for the world-class Living History Farms and, in summer, the Iowa State Fair, America's classic state fair and Iowa's largest tourism event. For family activities, go to the beautifully landscaped zoological park, Blank Park Zoo, or visit the Iowa Historical Building and learn about the history of Iowa.

Cedar Rapids

In the early 1980s, recognizing that a sound strategy for economic growth would be a catalyst for development in the area, business leaders and the Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce launched a full scale economic development program focused on creating economic expansion and diversity.


Monticello is unique in that it has an innovative and energetic business and financial community, a low crime rate, and residents who keep our community beautiful. Our greatest treasure is our people. Coming from every economic level, they are well-read, articulate, down-to-earth and possess a strong work ethic.

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Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence is comprised of people dealing with the concerns of battered women and their families. We represent both rural and urban areas. Our programs support and involve battered women of all racial, social, religious, and economic groups, ages and lifestyles. We oppose the use of violence as a means of control over others and support equality in relationships and the concept of helping women assume power over their own lives. We strive toward becoming independent, community based groups in which women make major policy and program decisions.
Phone: (515) 244-8028

Iowa Statistics on Domestic Violence

According to the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, Crime Victim Assistance Division:

  • Between January 1995 and September 2002, at least 61 Iowa women were murdered by a husband, boyfriend, or intimate partner. During this time, 13 children were killed in related homicides.
  • During that same time period, in Iowa, 87 sons and daughters survived the murder of their mother, 56 of the surviving children were minors, and 30 children were present at the scene of the murder.
  • In the state of Iowa, crisis telephone hotlines reported 26,795 calls from July, 1998 to June, 1999.
  • In fiscal year 2002, 2,262 women and 2,484 children sought refuge in Iowa’s domestic violence shelters. 16 male victims also received shelter.

Iowa Attorney General’s Office


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